“Standards” – Feb 15 – John Worthey


At the age of 47 years old I can still compete with men half my age in many components of physical fitness. I have always had that passion to compete in fitness from a young age, I picked up the saying from my mum “if you’re not failing you’re not trying”. When I did not perform in a competition this was my first thoughts of reflection, to think about the word “STANDARDS”. The three standards are previous performance (improving), performance of others (placing high) and idealised standard (benchmark of superior performance). This is where competition will have a positive or negative effect on your mind if you can not accept that you will not win all the time and is competition right for you at that time. Psychologically I have seen this destroy children’s minds. Having learnt from this later as a coach, you play a major role in making sport a positive competitive experience—or not. In fact, competition can be fun, and making sport enjoyable this will help your athletes and kids stay in it longer and feel a high intrinsic motivation to improve. Coaches who focus on athletes’ physical, psychological, and social development, and make sport fun, normally promote high participation rates and minimise attrition. The very nature of competition can effect your coaching philosophy.

Fitness, training and adding value to my life as well as others life’s are things that I am extremely passionate about as a coach. I could spend the rest of my life talking to you about why I love to train and train other people. I believe that every human being has unlimited potential but its getting the client and athlete to understand within competition their is a “STANDARD” to which you compete too on every occasion you perform.


Just as competition is used to motivate people in a variety of educational and business settings, it can be used to motivate your athletes in sport situations as well.

As a coach or business manager we must enter our athletes or staff at the right skill level in competition or work place making competition and work a powerful motivation tool.

Competition can lead athletes to consistently perform at their best—that is, it can improve their quality of performance. As the athletes develops maturity in their performance they become to realise their own “STANDARDS” given the shape and skill level they are at for that time of season. This will play a valuable role in helping athletes develop positive character traits that will help them succeed in future endeavours. It is very fulfilling and humbling to see the positive effects that fitness training has on people’s lives.

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