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WortheyFITT is as individual as you are, we work with you, and leaving nothing to chance we want you to become the best you can be by using our specialist skills in:

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WortheyFITT was created by Jonathan Worthey, a former Royal Marine Warrant Officer serving 27 years, with the aim of delivering challenging physical training sessions which are also enjoyable, varied and effective.

With over 15 years experience of physical fitness, health and wellbeing. His personal experience has seen him overcome extreme personal and professional challenges. Drawing from this he can help to rehabilitate, enhance your health, fitness and wellbeing, specialising in lower back pain.

Our experience allows us to work with the full range of people and body types from children to the elderly and from the overweight to elite athletes.

MarineFITT Fitness Camp sessions are based around the same type of exercising that Royal Marine recruits go through when they first enter basic training. With a combination of circuits, shuttle runs and bodyweight exercises a basic level of physical fitness can be achieved.

Obviously our sessions are pitched at a level to suit your current fitness abilities. Despite what our rivals may claim, nobody is ever intimidated, shouted at or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. Our instructors will always encourage you in a positive manner to work as hard as you can so that you are able to make life changing improvements to your health and wellbeing.

Our sessions work. If you attend regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet then we can guarantee you will lose weight and start getting fit.

Book yourself in for a free trial, talk to some of our members, and discover for yourselves what MarineFITT Fitness Camp has done for them.



We provide a service that matches your needs, and after understanding and agreeing your expectations we will design the appropriate programme.

We work in partnership with you every step of the way. Regularly reviewing your personal programme, making sure we help you achieve your goals.


We are committed to you achieving your goal and bringing the best health, fitness and rehabilitation programmes to you through our experts.

We will only ever be happy once you fully achieve your goals, and that we have provided you with a stable platform. To ensure you the best chance of remaining fit and healthy.

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